A New Way to Blog

…well, for me, anyway. For those of you who did not know, I previously had a blog at fishouttah2o.com. I really hated to let go of that site even though I hit a patch of several months where I really didn’t have anything to say, but the hosting and registration fees were outside of my financial capabilities. Luckily, I had a friend in the same boat but as she had much more to say, she worked to find a free alternative pretty quickly. Once I saw what she was able to create, I followed suit, and here we are!

Anyway, as I write this first post, it has been almost a week since I created my “About Me” page (which I’m almost certain I will re-write a few times, trying to figure out how to introduce/explain myself as gracefully as possible). I am sitting in a waiting room while my roommate is prepped for shoulder surgery, and more snow is falling outside. I am so tired of snow. Honestly, I was sweating my butt off just a few days ago doing housework with the windows open when it was almost 70 degrees. Today it’s snowing. Again. I’m so done with this… urgh.

A little extra about me as it stands right now:

I am working as a nanny for a friend and her pretty awesome 12 year old, and doing odd jobs for friends for extra money. My work history is rather varied but pretty heavy on retail and customer service because those jobs pretty much always exist and can easily be worked in as a second job for extra money. The problem is: I hate customer service work. I’m done with it (kind of like the snow). I can’t do those jobs anymore or I’ll end up on the evening news. So until I can get back into a good, stable, full-time job with security and room for growth, I will continue down this very non-traditional path and just barely making ends meet.

When I’m not working I try to hit the gym, usually for about an hour and a half at a crack. I enjoy lifting weights but I’m not training for anything. I have a cousin who does fitness shows and the discipline required to achieve the musculature for those shows is beyond what I’m willing to do. I do, however, hope to get my endurance, stamina, and strength up to a point where I can do one of those mud run/obstacle courses that travel the country. There’s a bunch of them to choose from (I want to do them ALL) and most are about the same length, but now I have to work on saving money for entrance fees. Oh my damn, those entry fees are HIGH! Until I can secure a normal job again, I will only really work towards one entry fee: The La Jolla Rough Water Swim. I am a lifelong aqua jock and have always loved the ocean. As such, I am infatuated with this particular event. I have done it seven times now. The standard event is a one mile triangle in breakwater swells over a kelp bed. The hardest part about it (besides navigation) is trying to maintain focus on swimming when I can very clearly see all the reef and kelp bed critters swimming around below me. When I’m not swimming or weight lifting, I also like yoga and pilates.

Beyond those exercise-specific activities, all the other ways I stay active involve actual activities. Hiking, camping, playing pool, throwing darts, carousing with friends… you know, normal stuff. Basically, I’m just your average 30-something. I’m a geek, a bibliophile, a sapiophile, and I’m sarcastic as hell. Unfortunately for you, this blog will be an outlet for all my various brain droppings including venting frustrations, posing hypothetical (and probably inane) philosophies, and just generally rambling about the world around me. So if you’re ready for a strange and possibly wild ride, sit down, strap in, hold on and don’t forget to smile at the camera flashes along the way.

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