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My Body, My Image Issues, and My Goals

I have already told the long-winded story about my BMI and all the BS I’ve heard about it (read here). Now I’ll give you a bit more background on me and this little roller coaster I’m stuck on. When I … Continue reading

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You’re a Whole Person; Treat Yourself Like It

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Love him, hate him, or be totally freaked out by him, Stephen King understands human psychology pretty damn well. You can’t ever do just one thing and be happy and whole. If … Continue reading

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The Great Struggle of Weight vs. Health

 According to the average BMI chart available online, this qualifies as obesity. Ever since I started playing water polo back in junior high, I have had arguments with healthcare personnel about my weight. I have been 5’2″ since I was … Continue reading

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It’s 2014, can we burn the “freak flag” now?

Honestly, I get that when this phrase was originally uttered there were several “counter-cultures” and movement of various kinds and anyone who wasn’t a white bread and picket fence kind of person was considered a freak. But, um, that was 60 … Continue reading

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A soundtrack for sweating

If you follow me on twitter (@fishouttah2opic) you have seen my gripes about the overhead music at my gym. I do enjoy my gym (it’s the perfect size, closeby, reasonably priced, etc) but there are times I go in and … Continue reading

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Success!! …April Fool! – Life is a Work in Progress

Ah life, how do I love thee? Well, sometimes, I just don’t. I think that’s pretty common for all of us. Every time life gets to the “kick in the shins” point, I think back to when I first joined … Continue reading

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