A soundtrack for sweating

If you follow me on twitter (@fishouttah2opic) you have seen my gripes about the overhead music at my gym. I do enjoy my gym (it’s the perfect size, closeby, reasonably priced, etc) but there are times I go in and the music playing overhead that is intended to be background is cranked up so high that I can’t hear my own music playing in my earbuds. Seriously, it’s like a damn Abercrombie sometimes. There are reasons I’ll never shop in those stores. The effin rave atmosphere they have is the biggest reason.

Anyway, I have found that I am pretty sensitive to sound so I can’t crank my iPod up any higher than I usually have it without risking actual physical pain. The good news is, if the music is too loud and someone is working I can usually just ask them to turn the music down which is nice because the music they play is generally pretty dreadful. When I work out, I have certain needs from the music I listen to. I need a combination of faster, hard-driving music, angry music, and slower more cathartic music. Why? Well, because my body has pretty much always been a conduit for whatever music is playing. I feel music. It gets in my muscles and bones. It is what motivates me, moves me, keeps me going, or keeps me calm.

When I hit the gym, or pool if I ever get the water proof casings, I have a specific playlist I turn on (on shuffle): Revv It Up. Yeah, I know there’s 2 Vs. No, I’m not going to change it. Ever. This playlist has around 160 songs one it so I never fall into a rut. I’m not going to list all of them here but I will share 20 of my favorites (they’re alphabetical by artist because that’s how they appear in the list :P):

1) Aerosmith – Flesh. Let’s face it, when you workout and feel all of your muscles come alive, it’s pretty hard not to feel sexy and therefore think about sex.

2) Alice Cooper – No More Mr. Nice Guy. Heh, for all those years I spent watching my weight yo-yo from hormonal shifts and stress, I feel like this song exemplifies my determination to take back control.

3) Bon Jovi – Stick To Your Guns. I swear my iPod has become sentient enough to know when I feel like giving up because that’s when this song always seems to come on. NEVER QUIT.

4) Daughtry – There and Back Again. Just a great song for maintaining motivation no matter what you’re working on.

5) Fuel – Hemorrhage (In My Hands). Same as above. It also
reminds me that for this time I am in complete control.

6) Garth Brooks – Standing Outside the Fire. This song is great as a cool down. It’s like a reward for what I just did to myself, telling me why I just kicked my own ass.

7) Gary Allen – Living Hard. Another great one for maintaining motivation. It also tells me what I would forward to in the future if I chose not to workout: looking like Bob Dylan. *shudder*

8) Meat Loaf – The Monster is Loose. I recommended this one to my blogbro Superman G. It really is a great BeastMode initializer. I should also state that if I ever get the money together to learn aerial acrobatics I will be choreographing a routine to this song. It will be badass.

9) Meat Loaf – Alive. Again, I’ve had a lot of issues with stress and weight management over the years. Having the words, “I’m still Alive,” sounding in my ears is a HUGE motivator.

10) Nine Inch Nails – Head Like a Hole. “Bow down before the one you serve.” My body is the servant of my mind so this pretty much sums it up.

11) Papa Roach – Not Listening. We’ve all heard it. All the naysayers, “haters,” those toxic people we all meet that seem to be actively trying to drain your motivation. Stop listening.

12) Queen – I Want it All. And I do. That’s why I’m working out.

13) Queen – Hammer to Fall. Just ignore the line about, “build your muscles as your body decays.” The rest of the song is just great for weight lifting.

14) Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl. Perfect for warming up on cardio when my muscles are fighting my attempts to wake them and warm them up I actually do feel like a living deal girl.

15) Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become. Another good BeastMode song. When this song shuffles through about mid-way through my workout it kicks in that second wind.

16) Trace Adkins – Welcome to Hell. This song makes me smirk at myself as I remember two-a-days on the swim team.

17) Ugly Kid Joe – Goddamn Devil. This song makes me feel cocky when I workout. It’s perfect on those days when I level up in weight or reps.

18) ZZ Top – La Grange. My all time favorite warm up song. It eases me into that higher heart rate in the most perfect way.

19) 3 Doors Down – Be Somebody. “I’m trying to be somebody, I’m not trying to be somebody else.” Something I always need to remember when I’m working to change my body for the better.

20) 3 Doors Down – Train. Another song that says exactly what I’m thinking and is perfect perfect closer to the beginning of a workout. “I got the feeling, that’s for sure and to know that I can get it makes me want it more.”

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