My Favorite Moves

If you knew me in person, you’d probably occasionally see me pick up my phone and frantically type something into the “notes” app. Unfortunately, that’s because my phone has become my electronic brain. Before the cell phone assimilation, I was the person that had a pad of paper and at least 3 pens in my purse at all times. I’d take notes on anything that came into my head during the day. When I ran out of paper in the pad I carried, I’d write on napkins, receipts, whatever paper-like item was available. Unfortunately, that also meant I had a mess in my purse. Now, I just have a list of notes in my phone. It’s pretty handy because it keeps everything in one place but for some reason, I will still sometimes forget to consult my list note when I’m at the grocery store and forget to pick up something *grumble*.

One of my other notes is “blog ideas.” I only allow myself 10 spaces for ideas because I don’t want to have so many ideas that I fall behind on writing them up or forget where I was going with the idea to begin with. If I have the time, I will write up blog posts in Word and post when I have Wi-Fi again (there isn’t any where I work) or write several posts in advance and schedule them for future dates.

One blog idea I’ve decided to run with is My Favorite Moves. With the help of a friend at my gym, I’ve gotten photos of me in position from some of my favorite exercises. I will be writing this “column” as a series focusing on one exercise at a time. I will explain why I love it, what it does for me, and how to do it properly. The photos for the first 3 posts are sitting in my files waiting to be written up and will begin to appear within the week. I can’t promise any form of regularity to these posts, or any others that I write, but I will be doing my best to get through as many as I can. I may even start a second series discussing moves I’d like to try or those that interest me in some way, who knows.

Anyway, thanks for following along in my ever progressing development, both physically and psychologically. Have a wonderful day you crazy, beautiful people!

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