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20 More Tracks That Keep Me Moving

Seeing as my Revv It Up playlist (yes I use two Vs, I have no explanation) contains more than 160 songs I figured I’d give a few more of the songs off of it. I have always been motivated by … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mr. Padre

I know I am now 3 days late in posting about this, but this week has been a bit of a tough one. Though I’ve never been one to have “idols” or “heroes,” I have always had a shortlist of … Continue reading

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Gateway Foods

…they’re like gateway drugs but healthy for you. I remember way back when I made the decision to stop eating white bread. I think I must have been around 13 and back then everything wasn’t enriched with whole grain. White … Continue reading

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My Favorite Moves: Back Extensions

After years of playing water polo, marching a bass drum, and basically did all the things I was told not to do and wrecked my back. I still have pinched nerves in the lower region that will act up every … Continue reading

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Belated birthday posting

Yesterday was my birthday which is why I was absent for so many days. Last Friday was a full day of housework and prep and unfortunately, writing a post just fell off of my to-do list. One thing I did … Continue reading

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