Belated birthday posting

Yesterday was my birthday which is why I was absent for so many days. Last Friday was a full day of housework and prep and unfortunately, writing a post just fell off of my to-do list. One thing I did get done was making my birthday cake. Every year when my birthday starts to creep up on me I spend more time thinking about what kind of cake I want than anything else. If you hit the average grocery store around here and look over the pre-made cakes available, you’ll see a hearty selection of boring. Chocolate, yellow, or classic white cake. Oh frickin’ boy. Ugh. You can’t even find a swirl cake in these stores.

Now, if you order a cake special, or up your price range a bit, you can get a little something special. The selection then includes red velvet, black forest, and at the right stores, cookies and cream. I still find these selections to be rather boring and run of the mill. I’m sure that comes from my habit of Frankensteining every recipe I’ve ever made. I mean I can do ice cream cake from Cold Stone and I do love that occasionally but let’s face it, even though my birthday occurs before the official start of summer, it’s still damn hot on my birthday most years. As good as ice cream cake is, no one really wants a puddle of melted sugar soup spilling off their plate into their lap. Or maybe some people do but I suspect that’s less of a birthday party and more of a “special event” thing.

So this year I chose to make a Strawberry Margarita Cake. I have made it once or twice before and like many recipes I reuse, I am not yet done perfecting it. This time it did come out quite nicely. I will admit, it did not start as a “from scratch” cake, I have neither the proper tools, nor the space to store the proper tools for much of my favorite baking so I haven’t done much of the “from scratch” stuff for a couple of years. I won’t go into details of how I altered the boxed white cake mix, but you can probably guess from the attached photos how it worked. For now I will say TTFN as I have to go walk three dogs of various sizes.

IMG_20140530_155716 IMG_20140530_161606 IMG_20140530_170220 IMG_20140530_183528 IMG_20140530_183846 IMG_20140530_184318 IMG_20140530_184941

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