Learning, Laps, Lunging, Lounging, and of course: Beer

Okay well not so much with the lunging. After lunge walking the football field in college as part of our dryland workout for the diving team I HATE lunges. I do remember finding it funny to have some of the football players come over and try to do them with me because they could see how miserable I was. After about 10 yards they figured out why I was miserable :P.

So, as for the learning part, I got a new job. I started working this week at my gym, which is pretty awesome since I’m already there all the time anyway. But now I get paid when I clean everything up! I’m trying to be professional and enthusiastic but trying to dial down the excitement a tad because I know how easy it is for me to get way too into something and cross a line, but so far it’s good.

poolThen there’s the laps. A wonderful friend of mine has this gorgeous pool in her apartment complex and knowing how happy I am when wetting my gills, she takes me there some days to swim laps. The first day I swam I got in 1000 yards, the second yielded 1700. My eye sockets are now very pleasantly bruised from my goggles (I wear the Swedish style that don’t have gaskets) and I’m happy to report that I’ve never forgotten how to put on a swim cap.

So, as I said before, there are no lunges. I have been continuing to bust my hump in my workouts and every week or so I add a new move to my routine. This week I started dead lifts. Oh boy howdy, now THAT is a work out! I woke up the next morning and felt more sore from the dead lifts than I had in weeks. I am sold. This will be a normal exercise for me now. You’ll most likely see a posting about it in “My Favorite Moves” at some point.

Lounging took place Friday morning. After the week of chaos trying to run all over and learn the inner workings of my gym as a work-place and a staff meeting on Thursday night that ending late enough to make me dream about work (I really hate when that happens) I didn’t sleep well that night. So I decided Friday would be my day off from the gym. It was obvious I needed it so I laid around in my PJs for a few extra hours being super lazy. It was awesome.

Friday was, of course, the Fourth of July so I met a friend for the evening and we hit up a pool hall I love. That place is less than a mile up the street from one of the locations where fireworks were being fired from so the parking lot got shut down about an hour after we arrived (evidently they wanted to avoid people parking there to watch the fireworks). We drank a few, ate some AWESOME bar food in the form of buffalo wings (of course) and something the staff describes as being crack fries. Let me tell you, when you top wedge-cut fries with cheese, green onions, shredded pork, bacon, and sour cream it is definitely worthy of the description! We threw some darts for a bit before walking up the street to watch the fireworks. It was a fantastic cap to the week.




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