2014 Wrap & 2015 Kick-Off

Hello again my lovelies! I’d like to offer my apologies for having been away so long. Things got pretty chaotic for me over the last few months of the year and every time I thought they were calming down a brand new display of entropy erupted. Just to close out the events of last year, here’s a brief run-down:

  • I opted out of continuing my education in online, for-profit institutions, wanting to take a break and find a local, public school to complete the final year of my degree
  • Snow
  • I began tracking my weight and work outs in a concerted effort to be a healthier person
  • I took a job as a nanny for a friend
  • Snow
  • I hiked an 11 mile trail up and over a mountain with some fantastic friends and became enamored with the trek
  • I got a job with the teeny little gym where I had a membership
  • I went home to San Diego to visit my family and celebrate my parents’ 25th anniversary
  • I replaced my phone twice after the original replacement phone died
  • My identity was stolen, which is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s like battling a digital hydra or fighting pop-ups on your dial-up internet before pop-up blockers existed.
  • I moved and it was the easiest move I’ve ever made. I still feel like I did it wrong for as easy as it was…
  • I began studying for the NASM CPT and FNS
  • I left the teeny little gym where I was working for a much larger, shiny, new, GORGEOUS gym that I recognize from when I was a kid back in San Diego
  • I found several public universities that I like and am interested in the possibility of transferring to, and then remembered that with my identity theft issues, I can’t apply for any further loans yet to finish school

*Deep breath* Through all of this, I managed to lose 14 pounds and two sizes, donated blood 10 times, and made several new friends. I have gotten up to working out before almost every shift and as of tomorrow will be going to 2 hour long workouts 3 out of my 5 days. In preparation for the La Jolla Rough Water Swim this year I am going to be pushing the swimming up to 4 days a week with 4 days a week of of dry land work (3 days a week will be a combination of both). I honestly can’t wait to get to the next level and I’m really optimistic for everything I can see on the horizon this year. I hope you all have great things on your horizons, as well.

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