All Work and No Play

It may make Jack a dull boy until the snow starts to make him insane but… nope, it does the same to me. I have been running crazy since the start of the year trying to prove my worth at work, study for my personal training cert, clean up the damage from the identity theft case, and just trying to be human. The calm seems to come in cycles. During those cycles I play catch up and sometimes even get to see some friends. I think I’m getting a bit better about seeing people but I’m probably only up to about once a month :P.

Luckily, in just over a week I will be going back to California to see some family for a long weekend. The break will be fantastic and so incredibly needed. I’m trying really hard at the moment to not check out at work in anticipation. We have so much work to get through and our staff is pretty minimal. The other great struggle for me, leading up to the trip, is to NOT pack 4 times in the next week. I always do that :P.

For now, I will sign off. Better to be brief than incoherent, I think. More later.

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