Fitness Firsts

I have been active for most of my life. Water polo started when I was 13, marching band at 14, swimming at 15, and springboard diving at 18. Before all of the organized teams, I climbed trees, camped, hiked, climbed more trees, climbed rocks and spent as much time as possible in the water. Never, in all that time did I make a habit of lifting weights. There was a lot of weight room prep for water polo, because, well, when the alternative is being so weak that your opponent drowns you, you opt in for the leg press.

One week ago today, however, I participated in power lifting competition at my gym. At first I wasn’t going to enter because I work on Saturdays and, well, I’m not a power lifter. But as luck would have it, the schedule worked out and I signed up. Mostly I signed up to be supportive of the awesome coworker that had organized it all since, again, i’m not a power lifter. I went into the competition “against” three other kick-ass chicks thinking I could barely bench press the bar (those dern things are 45 pounds!). I had never tried to test my own one rep max, so I honestly thought I was a light-weight and it would all just be for fun.

It was a great meet. The three beautiful, strong, super-heroine-cool chicks that were competing were so much fun to hang out with. My awesome co-worker who put the whole show on was super-supportive the whole time (I did say she’s awesome, right?). I buckled down and gritted my teeth, and didn’t try to math the whole time. As it turns out, I maxed out my back squat at 155 (that’s my body weight!!). Not only can I bench MORE than the bar, I put up 75 pounds! When we got around to dead lifting, I cranked up the beast mode tunes and killed a one rep max of 225 pounds. Oh my holy sporks, I AM SHE-HULK! *GARAUGH!!!*

Dude. I am still a little high on that knowledge. I will admit that the work was not just my own. I did partake in a few sessions with one of the personal trainers in order to kick myself over the next hurdle after having plateau’d for so long. He is pretty awesome, even though I have told him repeatedly that he’s evil. He knows I say it out of love. Truthfully, the people I work with play a huge role in keeping me motivated and on track with my goals. I love them to death. …but I love that I love that I can dead lift 225 a little more :} I’m a terrible person :P.

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1 Response to Fitness Firsts

  1. Anthony Brown says:

    Congratulations on your achievement. I think this is up there with the performance at the WIld Rivers X-games way back when. I am quite proud of your goal setting and pursuit. Keep it up and stay healthy. I also give thanks for the wonderful people in your life who help inspire and motivate you. May you always be blessed with people like that. Hope you can hang on to the wonderful feeling of accomplishment for a while. B

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