No rest for the wicked

Last weekend, May 1st through 4th, I spent in Northern California with family. It was a very welcome break from the endless work. I didn’t spend much time resting or relaxing, but I got to see the family I had been missing for quite a while so it was a fantastic weekend. Lots of food! Oh man, it was an excellent weekend of food. Having a brother that’s a chef and an uncle who has a passion for cooking made me gain a few pounds. Damn them! I got to hit up an enormous farmers’ market that made my stomach growl at every turn. Sunday was a big birthday party for Grandma. Always an awesome day.

Sadly, it was entirely too brief a stay. Most of that Monday was spent in transit home where I landed not much before midnight. Once I did land, though, I basically did a tuck and roll into a very long work week. At 9a on Tuesday the 5th I was supposed to start a kind of mini-seminar at work that was supposed to include a mini-interview. Unfortunately, things happened. We didn’t end up getting started until around 945a and the mini-interviews didn’t start until close to 11a. There was about 20 of us there, myself being the only one from our site, and due to planning for the interviews, I ended up being the very last person to start. I was supposed to have a 1p-10p shift and thought the morning seminar would be short enough to go home again and change before that shift. OOPS. My interview started close to 1230p so I was 35 mins late after running home to change with a quickness.

That was day one of 6 in my workweek. Today was my first day off. How did I spend it? Well, hmm… let’s just make this fast:

  1. unloaded 300 pounds of sand in 50 pound bags from my truck bed
  2. stripped the bed and did a load of laundry
  3. planted a veggie garden
  4. did another load of laundry with the now filthy gardening clothes
  5. vacuumed my bedroom
  6. hauled a box of goodwill items upstairs and out to the truck
  7. showered and scoured
  8. baked blondies
  9. prepped strawberries and watermelon
  10. re-jarred honey
  11. ran to goodwill and target (where I bought 34 pounds of cat litter)
  12. changed the litter in the litter box
  13. put away all the laundry
  14. made the bed (around a stubborn cat)
  15. celebrated the day’s productivity with steak and loaded mashed potatoes…

For all I can remember, there may have been something else but I’m beginning to fade again. Part of me really wants a high heels and war paint night. I could be girly and feel pretty for a while. The rest of me wants nothing more than to wander off beyond the reach of cell coverage. I would pack a lunch and some snacks and nap under a tree. No phone calls, text messages, or emails would be able to find me. Damn, I really just need to go camping for a few days… Well, on that note, I will be off now. I need sleep.

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