Re-embarkation in Education

For any of you that know me personally, you know that my educational history is rather fragmented:

  • I went to college right out of high school, but as I largely lacked financial aid, I worked so much to try to cover the costs of classes, fees, and BOOKS, I dropped out about 1/2 way through the general ed requirements for a biology degree.
  • A few years later I attempted to start the process of transferring my education to the state of Virginia requirements and only got through 2 classes (again without financial aid) before succumbing to financial defeat.
  • After moving back to California and suffering through a couple of years of a job that made me miserable, I conceded to the fact that I would have to finish a degree in order to get away from jobs and managers like those that were making me consider insanity as a career. I went back to school via online classes with DeVry (totally unrecommended, btw). I finished 3 years worth of credits towards a degree in Computer Forensics. Guess what! I dropped out again because of finances (not sure why I didn’t see that coming, DeVry is a for-profit institution).

Another few years has now passed and I’ve spent several months researching area schools and their requirements to determine what options exist. I deliberated for a couple weeks before settling on Old Dominion University. I sent in a request for info and spoke with an academic adviser a few times. In order to get back into the flow as financially soundly as possible, we decided that it was best if I took some of the lower level classes at the nearby community college.

Thus! (really, the exclamation point is necessary) I will be starting classes again in a few weeks time. What’s funny is that after so many years away from school, the process of getting started again has made me feel incredibly stupid. So much has changed! The road to registration is rather roundabout and has an exuberant scavenger hunt-feel. There was a lot of waiting due to the transfer of credit from 2 other schools in 2 other states. Some of my credits didn’t transfer because the school here doesn’t have course equivalents to those on my transcripts (fun fun!). Today was the ultimate stupid-feel as I had to take a couple of placement tests for math. Let me remind you, I haven’t been in any classes for around 5 years and haven’t taken any math in about 12 years. Thankfully, I tested well enough to tap dance directly into pre-calculus so I won’t have to back up too far (hallelujah!).

So now I’m a student again. Batman and I already raided the back-to-school sale at Target. On Friday I will hit the bookstore for my texts. My parking permit will arrive soon. Now I will just brace myself for the majesty and wonder of the numbers that are soon to make me mumble and twitch for 14 weeks. Oh, I’m taking a literature class, too. That should break up the dancing numbers nicely.

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