Election 2016

It’s over. Finally. This election cycle has taken two years. I feel stripped. I have a deepening desire to unplug and walk off the grid. This whirlwind has shown the destruction of several of my hard and fast rules regarding election years:

  1. I refuse to talk, think about, read about/listen to, or research any election prior to January 1 in the year of the election. I tried very hard to hold to this one for the same reason I hate discussing Christmas in August: it’s just too much. Putting in the proper efforts for prolonged times is truly exhausting.
  2. Emotions have no business in politics. Up until today, I think I did a pretty good job with this one. I leaned on the edge a few times, but in my defense, this was an extremely contentious election. I still fully believe that when people get emotional you get the nastiness, the hatred, and the violence that has been seen on both sides of this race. Many, many people have come before us all, living through nightmarish conditions and found much more productive, respectable ways to protest the atrocities they faced. Why are we letting ourselves devolve to such low levels? Whatever we face today, our responses will be recorded a hundred times over for our progeny. What kind of legacy will we leave for them to learn about?
  3. I don’t blast social media with my political views. Honestly I try not to discuss politics outside of my own home. Thankfully I have a soulgeek there who holds the same beliefs I do who will listen to my rantings when rule number one gets broken. This time around I think I still did pretty well but even those postings I wrote or shared that seemed innocuous apparently riled a few people. To those people: oh well, my post = my opinion. We don’t have to agree.

I will admit, just once, that the candidate I voted for did not win. Hell, the candidate I voted for in primaries didn’t even make it to the general election. To say the least, I am feeling, yes, feeling rather uneasy at the moment because of the results.

I don’t  proclaim to be an expert. I do my best to research things and make informed decisions. I try to walk a middle ground between the parties the same way I do with religion. Because politics is made by people, and people are fallible. But I took my opportunity to be heard, to make a difference. I did what I had the right to do and voted for the candidate that I thought best represented the way I thought the country should be going. Now I just hope that we have heard the end of the bickering and the hate. I know, rationally, that conflict is human nature, however, so I am not naive enough to believe that we are settled. I just hold out a possibly vain hope that the future becomes everything we are capable of making it.

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