Holiday Slow-Down

Welcome my friends, to the holiday season. For the first time in a couple of years, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas are all approximately co-occurring. That means many of us are all celebrating at almost the same time. It’s kind of nice, right? Well for me it is an extra special break.

The last couple of months has felt like an all-out sprint (and I was never a sprinter!) through school, work, work, and human-y responsibilities. I started a new job in the end of October that kept me running to get through training and onto the normal schedule. It’s a great job but can sometimes mean quite long hours which, understandably, left me pretty tired a few times. That was okay, but got in the way of some of my other things and therefore had me playing catch up. The job I previously had with the gym I stopped working full time back in July but staggered down even more to just working Saturdays about a week before I began the new job. Thankfully, now that I’m comfortable in the new job, I was able to leave the gym instead of working multiple jobs at once (did that for 10+ years, hated every second, never want to have to do that again).

But hey! School! Yeah so I went back to fill in some gaps and only took two classes to start with: pre-calculus and another English composition requisite. Both kept me on my toes since, you know, you have to learn the instructor as much as you end up learning the subject. That was a little harrowing at times but I got through it all with an A in the math and a B in the English.

Since the new gig is a government contract-style thing, we’re basically shut down through the holidays, which is super nice! Coupled with the break in classes until the spring semester begins, it has become a daily ritual of cleaning and reorganizing things around the house that were probably already organized just fine to begin with. Oh well. The best part of the day-to-day stay busy or fall asleep mode is having to set an alarm on my fitbit to make sure I stop what I’m doing long enough to eat something around midday. Next week, though, my dad will be here for a visit so I’ll be able to bounce some of my inane energy off of him.

For now, my dears, I will cease the rambling. I wish you all cozy time, warm somethings in huggable mugs, family, friends, and joy for this beautifully inclusive holiday season.

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