New Month, New …well, month.

Hello all again! I apologize profusely for my absence, I’ve been rather busy of late. Batman and I just moved and I’m still trying to unpack and settle. Work has picked up quite a bit, affording me about 10 days/month of work, with more than half of those days being 11 or 12 hour shifts. I am also coming along quite nicely in regards to launching Hard Reboot Health & Fitness. I should be getting the website up and running in the next week and configuring pricing/scheduling within the next month. I had to put school on hold again, hopefully more temporarily this time,but unfortunately, it gets pretty expensive, and we are hesitant to take out any more loans, so we’ll see how quickly I can finish.

At the moment, I’m really in procrastination mode. I need to work on the website, put up some wall art, bake some stuff, and try and figure out a way to organize and finish unpacking our office/spare bedroom. *sigh* The to-do list is never ending, it seems.

I will be working on getting to a point where I have weekly posts on both sites, but for now, I say ta-ta.

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